Full Disclaimer

The offer and the sale of the tokens are carried out by Vecap GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany.

The above white paper was created to introduce the idea of VECAP tokens. The sole and final purpose of the white paper is to provide interested parties with an information base for the project. The white paper does not authorize the purchase of tokens.

The information in the white paper is purely informative in nature and does not form part of any other agreements or terms and conditions. Above all, no legal, statutory or other relationships with the company is established. There are neither any information, membership, control, voting or other rights.

The white paper is not subject to any legal requirements or legislation. Above all, it is not subject to the laws for investor protection or securities trading. This applies without restriction for all fields of law and legislation. Vecap GmbH assumes no liability, responsibility, or guarantees for any of the information. The white paper neither constitutes a solicitation or declaration of intent for an investment nor any other contractual or legal relationship.

Any provisions, data, estimates or other information contained in the white paper constitute non-binding statements that do not purport to be exhaustive, based on the information provided, or provide other legal entitlements. The statements made are non-binding, forward-looking plans whose occurrence is unpredictable and which may differ from the information provided. Likewise, discounts, offers and promotions for token users do not grant a legally binding claim and are at the sole discretion of Vecap GmbH.

An investment represents an independent risk investment of the investor whose future prospects are completely uncertain and whose economic development is the sole responsibility of the investor. The investor is also aware of the possibility of a total loss. Any legal claim against Vecap GmbH as well as staff, employees, representatives or affiliated companies is excluded.

Vecap GmbH reserves the right to make changes, corrections or additions in the white paper at any time.