Invest in the most revolutionary IoT security project

Next generation of smart home solutions allow to achieve high interoperability and ensures the security of smart home devices.
VeCap starts a revolution in IoT security
VeCap protects all devices in a smart home by uniting all homes in a decentralized network. All transactions between IoT devices are recorded in blockchain via smart contracts.

With this approach, hypothetical hacker needs to take over control of 51% of such network to control a specific device. The completion of this task is almost impossible: all blockchain records are duplicated on millions of IoT devices in tens of thousands of smart homes.
IoT Market Growth
Market experts conclude that market for IoT is already significant and growing with an impressive rate.
The expected size of the IoT market in 2021 will range from $678 billion to $1.1 trillion.
IoT Security Issues
While the number of IoT devices grows,
their security is still questioned. At the same time, the AdaptiveMobile claims that up to 80% of existing IoT devices are not adequately secured. In these circumstances, the security becomes vital for the further adoption of technology.
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        VeCap's Solution
        VeCap protects all devices in a smart home and office by uniting them in a decentralized network. Transactions between IoT devices will be recorded in blockchain as smart contracts.
        All the security cases will be possible thanks to the VeCap Smart Home and Smart Office Central Module, VeCap certified devices and VeCap Adapter distributed through VeCap Ecosystem.
        IoT Blockchain use case
        Early adopters of smart homes are still quite limited in the application of devices because of the interoperability issues. VeCap is focused on solving this problem, thus increasing the number of potential IoT use cases exponentially.
        The adoption of a decentralized approach gives green light to the high load IoT systems of the future that will require efficient connections between millions or even billions of devices.
        Blockchain solves the problems of low security and outdated centralized IoT systems. Blockchain cuts the risk of hacking the devices by reducing the potential points of entry and enabling systems to protect themselves.
        Blockchain Technology
        Meet the team
        Imad Labbadi
        Founder & CEO
        Frank Sebastian Wobig
        Co-Founder & COO
        Demian Lee
        Head of PR
        Sky Taehyun
        Security Advisor
        Ahmed Omar
        Head of Sales
        Boris Bosnar
        Lead Developer
        Claas Gnerlich
        Lead Developer
        Sems Samaras
        Blockchain Developer
        Investor F.A.Q.
        What is VeCap's goal?
        VeCap wants to usher in a new age of network security by setting a new benchmark in best practices in the IoT industry.

        For too long, IoT devices have increased in functionality while neglecting security. VeCap finally brings IoT security to the foreground of an industry-wide discussion. Only by doing so can we educate people on the best practices of how to get the most out of their IoT devices without surrendering their privacy to hackers.
        What kind of problems does the IoT industry have?
        At present, there is insufficient protection of an estimated 80% of IoT devices, a claim made by AdaptiveMobile.

        Most of these devices have serious breaches in their security systems that can be easily exploited by the cyber criminals of the world.

        For hackers, the current standard of encryption in IoT is easy to overcome and doesn't pose a sufficient obstacle. Moreover, the weak authentication requirements of these devices, such as auto-login for example, exposes your entire home and office network.

        With the current security standards in IoT devices, it takes hackers less than 60 seconds to gain access to a network.

        And it's not like they have a hard job since there are plenty of entry points that they can use to penetrate your security. All it takes is one vulnerable point–a single unprotected device like a smart TV, smartphone, or router– to compromise the whole network.
        Can VeCap solve these problems?
        VeCap uses blockchain technology to create a global decentralized smart network where smart contract transactions are employed to secure all internal communications within your home or office network.

        Our solution leverages the power of blockchain to address the vulnerabilities of the current IoT devices.

        Now, in theory, there is a way a hacker could still compromise the system.

        They would simply have to take control of 51% of the blockchain network just to control a specific IoT device, rendering this effort impossible by every definition of the word impossible.

        Blockchain technology is highly secure precisely because, while possible in theory, acquiring control of 51% of these networks is beyond the realm of human and technological possibility.
        What purpose does the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) serve?
        VeCap's MVP is a clickable application on our website, which will provide a clearer picture of exactly what kind of devices our team will develop in the future and what our platform might look like for you.

        In addition, it'll give you the chance to see how devices can be operated in a secure manner while also showing how the blockchain is used to protect your smart home or office network and to safeguard your privacy.
        When will VeCap be listed on platforms?
        With the start of the Initial Exchange Offer (IEO), VeCap has completed its first listing process, and our tokens can now be traded for the first time.

        Our team has also taken upon itself to promote any further listings so that our VeCap token can be accessible to anyone who wishes to share in our success.

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